Luc Dewaele, dagboek

Over fotografie en leven.

(Almost) French towns to avoid (10). (Warning : non-mediterranean spirit)


Adventures nearby the coastside.

Save Red.

20150703_dagboek__DSF1021-2 20150703_dagboek__DSF1031-2 20150703_dagboek__DSF1086-2

(linguistic game for flemish only)

(Almost) French towns to avoid (9). (Warning : non-mediterranean spirit)


Playground of consolation

20150701_hondschote__DSC4008-2 20150701_hondschote__DSC3965-2

Professional holidays.

20150624_gentstr25__LDW1599 20150624_gentstraat__DSC1474-2 20150624_gentstraat__DSC1557

Arty essentials (7)


© Luc Dewaele

Arty essentials (6)


© Luc Dewaele

Sun, ceiling and ledlight.

Leaving my camera alone for 5 minutes.

True city colors.


‘My pictures are my eyes. I photograph what I see – and what I want to see.’
Mario Testino

Exhibition slides

20150626_sask2015__DSF0874 20150626_sask2015__DSF090520150626_sask2015__DSF090920150626_sask2015__DSF0827

Arty essentials (5)

image002 image001

© Luc Dewaele

Arty essentials (4)

© Luc Dewaele

Arty essentials (3)


© Luc Dewaele

Arty essentials (2)


© Luc Dewaele

Arty essentials (1)


© Luc Dewaele

Exhibition time (finally).

Only today : free & fresh Flemish postcards.

World of fatal & formal fantasy.

20150616_dagboek__DSF0655 20150616_dagboek__DSF0667 20150616_dagboek__DSF0679

Exhibition time.

image002 image001

A photographer’s sanctuary.


“The context in which a photograph is seen affects the meaning the viewer draws from it.”
― Stephen Shore

Academic giants in an expiring week.

Flanders Summer Colors.

City life.

20150610_dagboekje__DSF0497 20150610_dagboekje__DSF0466 20150610_dagboekje__DSF0487

Tonight’s models.


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